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Expression of terroir and fruit

The harvest, depending on the development of Botrytis, can be spread over the months of September to November. The berries affected by noble rot are picked individually and in successive passages through the vines : these are called “tries”.

The vintage's character will depend on the way botrytis forms: massively and explosively in 1990, 1995 or 1998, in successive phases as in 1997 and 2000, or slowly and continuously as in 1996.

Pressing the grapes in an old vertical hydraulic press allows the extraction of all the sugar and aromas enclosed in these grape berries shrivelled by Botrytis, without crushing them in three very slow pressings. At that point the job is done. The quality of Cru Barréjats, the expression of terroir, the fruit and Botrytis can all be tasted in the juices that flow from the press!

We do everything possible to ensure that Cru Barréjats preserves its fruit, its richness and its complexity: lightly racking the cooled must, fermentating in 100% new barriques, controlling cellar temperature, cold blocking of fermentation in order to avoid adding too much sulphur, long aging in new barriques, between 12 and 36 months, marking of barriques in the cellar in order to preserve their identity as long as possible, and a single light filtering before bottling.

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