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Welcome to Cru Barréjats

We invite you to discover our domaine, our work ethics, our Sauternes AOC sweet wines...
Given that we have old vines situated in the typical terroir of Barsac, it was obvious for us that we had to try to produce a Sauternes in the simplest and most natural way, a Sauternes that would do justice to its terroir and to the Botrytis, so rare in its noble form, a Sauternes that would be a true mirror of its vintage, year after year.

We are convinced that terroir, old vines and microclimate would amount to nothing without the rigorous work of those men and women who, throughout the year, make our wine, from growing the vines to vinifying the harvest.

The adventure is shared by :
Philippe Andurand, surgeon, associate and winemaker,
Claudine Daret directs, in a masterly way, the harvest team,
Mireille Daret, doctor, associate and manager of Cru Barréjats,
Philippe Dulong, oenologist, true partner and adviser,
Luis Fontao, vine manager.

May this visit give you the desire to taste our wines.

Cru Barréjats is member of the SAPROS association.
      The members of this association are all committed to:
      - obtaining wines with residual sugar, either medium dry or semi-sweet or sweet, but only through natural concentration.
      - not using any other enrichment or concentration process like chaptalization, cold extraction,
      reverse osmosis, industrial drying, entropy or other artificial methods.

Philippe Andurand  and   Mireille Daret
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