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To each vintage, a world of aromas

Our wines are crafted for aging, but don’t hesitate to try them young, for their fruitiness and for your pleasure. Aeration in a decanter will help develop these aromas.

Cru Barréjats is by definition a blended wine, but the important thing for us is to bring out the expression of the vintage. We strive to bring all vintages to their optimal state. If our terroir, our vines and our winemaking methods remain constant throughout each vintage, each of our wines is different.

We invite you to discover the different vintages of Cru Barréjats through the Ronde des Arômes. Each original painting expresses the character of the vintage, and you can place your cursor on it in order to see the aromas expressed.

To go directly to a given vintage, you can move your mouse over the vintages below, the little glass allows you to access the “Ronde des Arômes” and the little card brings you to the press reviews.

Cru Barrejats label
Tasting notes Ronde des arômes
Insoumis aroma Tasting notes Ronde des arômes
Ronde des arômes
Tasting notes
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