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Terroir explains the racyness of our wines

The soil of Cru Barréjats is located on parcels of land spread between 13 end 18 metres above sea level, with a mixture of alluvial sands and silt coming from the alteration of limestone at Astéries.

The summer inflow of water (made possible by virtue of a deep clay layer and by water rising through porous limestone) on soils that are rapidly heated once the surface water is eliminated allows the growing of high quality grapes. The high concentrations of iron also contribute to quality. The frequent presence of calcium from the limestone gives concentration of acidity in this wine.

The geology of Cru Barréjats is characterized by its richness in minerals, a huge iron content, and a total absence of true clay. The underlying limestone base allows a good natural drainage of the lightly sloping land, facing north-northeast.
(excerpt from the analysis of the terroir of Cru Barréjats by Bruno Weiller 2001)

See the terroir map  and the soil analysis.

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