Main characteristics of Cru Barréjats soil
Silty sand soil, weakly calcareous

Typical soil profile number 1

Soil mapped in orange

Pedological profile :
Horizon A:
Horizon B:
Texture: Silty-sandy
Structure: polyhedral
Colour: rust
Stones : 0%
Texture: Silty-sandy
Structure: granular
Colour: rust
Stones : 0%
Parent rock:
    alluvial sand and weatherd limestone
Minerals provided by parent rock:
    potassium, iron, phosphor.
Coarseness by weathering :
    silts and clays.
Topography :
light grade to WNW
Position on the grade :
from top to bottom
Station : infiltrating
Excerpt from the analysis of the terroir of Cru Barréjats by Bruno Weiller (2001).