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A birth in Sauternes

Cru Barréjats was born of the meeting of Mireille Daret and Philippe Andurand, both native to the Sauternes area.

Philippe Andurand had childhood memories of holidays at Sauternes, in the small family property (it has since been sold), and felt nostalgia for the vines, the smell of the cellars and the acacias.

Mireille Daret's grandparents had kept a small family property of 1 hectare, a former cooperage between Climens and Caillou. The vertical press and the barriques were still in the cellar. These old vines allowed us to make our first vintage of Cru Barréjats in 1990.

Since then Philippe Andurand has contributed to the enlargement of the winery, now up to 5 ha.

Cru Barréjats is a true “chateau” in the winemaking sense. We preferred the term “cru”, « that which grows out of the earth ».

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