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Respect for terroir

We are convinced that good wine is made mainly by cultivating the vines in a way that is respectful of terroir. We cultivate the vines in a traditional way, without weedkillers. Working the soil with a plow makes the soil live. We alternate between earthing-up and unearthing, and we work the surface of the soil. We regularly add farm manure, never mineral fertilizers. The fungicide treatments are kept to a minimum.

The spur pruning (taille à côts) enhances fruit giving lower quantity, with very high quality. During the growing, suckering (épamprage) eliminates basal shoots, removing the branches (entre-coeurs) of the shoots and freeing the grape bunches before they close. Depending on the year’s climate, leaf thinning just before harvest lets the golden grapes soak up the sun’s rays.

Growing grapes at Sauternes is very demanding. Our sole purpose is to obtain, at the end of each summer, perfect ripe berries that are thus capable of expressing our terroir and the nobility of Botrytis. Given that, each year is different, we are constantly working to attain this goal.

Grape varieties used at Cru Barréjats:
        Sémillon : 85%, Sauvignon : 10% and Muscadelle : 5%.
Sémillon, rich and sappy, gives the wine structure and volume. Sauvignon add its powerful aromas and its incomparable finesse. Muscadelle brings mellowness.

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