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Harmony of aroma and taste

Beyond the classic combination of foie gras and sweet wine, there are numerous possibilities of matching food with Sauternes. Some of these are quite simple.

For your pleasure, try some new matches, don't be shy, our wines are mainly made to be enjoyed with a meal.

Menus by great chefs for sweet wines :
Lucas Carton
Salone del Gusto
Menu SlowFood 1998
Menu Sapros 2003
Menu Maison Borie
Lycée Hôtelier de Dinard

And more simply
at home:

Starter :
A mix of dried fruit and candied fruit
(kumquats, pear, ginger,
lemon, orange zest, dried figs, prunes )
Thin apple tart with Scottish blue cheese

Entrées :
Melon and jabugo ham (dried ham)
Rillots d'Anjou
Foie gras

Main dishes :
Poultry: roast chicken, chicken with garlic, guinea hen,
pheasant, duck with oranges
Exotic cuisine: curry, tajine, spicy dishes
Seafood: lobster, scallops, scampi,
anglerfish with oranges and saffron, turbot
Pig's cheeks stewed in sweet wine

Cheese :
Blue cheese, Roquefort, Fourme, Epoisses, Cheddar, Ossau Irati

Desserts :
Fruit and fruit salad:
Pineapple, mango, strawberries, peaches, apricots, quince
Roasted pineapple, pears au gratin

After Dinner :
Savour slowly after your meal...

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