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Noble Rot

Botrytis Cinerea can be a real pest, responsible for grey rot on fruit and vegetables. But in certain rare terroirs it becomes magical and noble: Botrytis is then called “noble rot”.

Botrytis allows the natural concentration of grapes. It modifies the grapes, chemically and aromatically. A magical transformation happens, one enters a totally new and rare inimitable world of aromas. A sweet Botrytis wine is not a “sweetend dry wine”. The sugars produced by noble rot are more complete, they have a crystalline purity.

Botrytis is present in the berries right from the time of flowering. It must be respected and controlled from June to August. There is no question of spraying anti-botrytis chemicals at Cru Barréjats. The development of botrytis can only be controlled by meticulous pruning, its presence is only desirable once the berries are fully ripe.

In autumn, the morning mists of the Ciron stimulate the development of Botrytis. The skins of the overripe berries become purple and their pulp is transformed into a golden jam.

Cru Barréjats is a member of Sapros, an association of winemakers that share the same ethic about sweet wines : wines made only by natural concentration, and without chaptalisation (adding sugar).

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